Infinite Filigree Monogram Wedding Bands

This matched set of wedding rings in 4mm and 7mm widths features an openwork scroll-like design in 14k white gold, with a contrasting 14k yellow gold border on the 7mm band. Features requested by the clients included a style like filigree or scroll patterning, with a pierced look. For a look into the design and manufacturing process, photos and descriptions are presented below. Click the images to view larger!

  1. The initial design was sketched freehand to create a unique design element featuring a script L and T that would interlock and repeat around the band. Sketch Collage
  2. The rough sketch was cleaned up first via inking, then by tracing the design into the computer via vectors so that it could be scaled to any size without losing the small details of the curves. Finalized Designs
  3. The vector art was sent to Paul Michael Design for conversion into CAD/CAM files. A preliminary render of the converted 3D design was created as a demo. (Original request was for the larger band to be solid, but was later changed to a pierced pattern like the narrower band)
  4. Waxes were milled via CNC, then cleanup and details were done by hand. Waxes, cleaned and ready to cast
  5. Raw castings, fresh from the investment plaster!Raw Castings
  6. The yellow gold borders are soldered onto the outsides of the wider band, and final cleaning and polishing is done. See the slideshow for actual photos of finished rings, as well as a photo of them on their new wearers!